Rainforests play a vital role in keeping our planet healthy. Just like our lungs filter the air and keep us safe, rainforests do the same for our planet. The Amazon is the biggest rainforest with a size of about 5.5 million square kilometres.

But as you may already know, a significant part of the Amazon rainforest is burning right now. The fire is getting out of control. But it’s not the first time it happened. There have been about 73000 fire in Brazil this year. More than half of that number was from Amazon rainforest. But the current fire broke all the past records. No one knows the reason why this wildfire started in the first place.

Some say it was normal because of the dry season, some say it happened because of a fight between amazon farmers. Some also say that it was done on purpose by some businessmen or politicians.

We don’t know what the actual truth is. But as the source says, the political leaders of Brazil don’t even care about these wildfires. Few weeks ago, the director of the National Institute For Space Research in Brazil was fired after defending the satellite data of increased deforestation.

But it can be the opposite as a target to the current political party. So it’s not a good idea to decide the conclusion without thinking from both sides.

Anyways, there can be many reasons behind it and we don’t know it yet. But that’s not the point of this video.

So what will happen if the same destruction continues and the Amazon rainforest disappears completely?

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A study published in 2012 in Nature showed that the Amazon rainforest was highly responsible for bringing rain to its surrounding region.

Without Amazon, there won’t be sufficient rainfall anymore in those regions.

And what happens without sufficient rain?


Less rain means less water and less water means less agriculture. So it’ll affect the food and drinking water supplies in those regions.

Also there’s a reason we call Amazon the lungs of our planet. 20% of the earth’s oxygen comes from Amazon and if we mess it up, the carbon dioxide emission will increase massively and because of that the temperature will increase globally. In the end everyone will have to suffer and struggle for breath.

That’s not it.

Amazon forest is home to staggering numbers of species of plants, animals, insects or fungi. Amazon holds a rich array of life that exists on Earth. We haven’t discovered all species in Amazon yet. On an average scientists are discovering one new species of life every single day from Amazon rainforest.

So what will happen to them if there’ll be no Amazon?

They’ll lose their home and most of them will go extinct. It’ll affect the biodiversity on Earth.

Many medical cures are also dependent on Amazon forest. Scientists use specific snake venom, mold or plants as medical cure for so many serious diseases. They are only found in Amazon. Also as I mentioned before, we haven’t discovered all species in amazon yet. So scientists believe there can be cure for cancer hidden inside Amazon. So if it disappears, How many future cures will be lost with the rainforest’s demise? No one knows for sure.

There can be so many other ways, the lack of amazon rainforest can affect the life on earth in the future. But the major problem will be faced by our own home planet earth. We all know it’s already dying slowly. Removing the Amazon rainforest will only accelerate the ending even more.


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