Discord is the most popular chatting app on the market right now. It’s feature rich. You can create your own server and make a community of your own. It also got so many bots, voice chats to make things even more engaging.

In texting section, it’s not only limited to simple text. You can customise texts in anyway, like making it bold, italic, strikethrough, underlined and much more.

But you’re here because you want to know how to write strikethrough text on discord. Let’s just not write more in details and keep it short for now.

So, how to write strikethrough or crossed out text in discord?

Let’s say the message is,Hello World.You want to make it,

Hello World.To do this you have to add “~~” before and after the section in message you want to strikethrough.

For example,

~~Hello~~ World.

Or if you want to make, “Life Sucks” to “Life Sucks Rocks”All you have to do is, send a message with

"Life ~~Sucks~~ Rocks"

I hope now you get it.By the way why we use “~~” for that?Discord like many other modern text based editors use markdown text. It allows you to write easy to read and easy to write text formats. Then it converts it to HTML automatically.

Click here to check more markdown text formats for adding different styles like colors or headings in text editors which supports markdown format.

But, for not so tech savvy people markdown format can be hard. It can make life easier if things support graphic editor where you can press buttons to make things bold or add strikethrough.

But in discord like app, this will make the simple user interface messy.

So that’s the reason markdown system exists.I hope this was helpful.

Thank you so much reading this article about how to write strikethrough text on discord.

Have a good day 🙃


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