Artificial Intelligence is a very important factor for a better future. It helps us in so many different ways and makes our work a lot easier. But some types of work can have bad intentions too. So people can use AI for various types of malicious activities.

And that’s what happened in March this year.

Some scammers used AI to generate a fake voice of the CEO of a Germany based company.

They tricked the CEO of a UK based energy firm into believing that he was speaking to its parent company’s CEO and asked him to send a payment of 243 thousand dollars to a Hungary based supplier in an hour and promised to make a refund soon.

Due to the same voice and accent as the German CEO, he sent the payment instantly without any doubts.

This money was first transferred to Hungary and then it was transferred to Mexico and other places. Authorities are still investigating the issue. But there’s no signs about who was involved in this malicious activity.

There’s also new ai technology called deep fake. Where you can change the face of any character in video. If it’s done well, then it’s so hard for you to know if the video is real or fake. After combining technologies like deep fake and voice cloning, people can scam others in a lot of other ways.


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