ISRO’s recent Chandrayaan 2 mission was partially successful. Its Moon lander failed to soft land on the south pole of the Moon and lost communications. But its orbiter is still there and surveying the Moon for the existence of water. But the problem is, it won’t be able to get the composition data directly from the Moon’s surface. So overall it was not a complete failure.

Anyways, past is past. That isn’t gonna make ISRO stop working on its future space projects. So what are those? What other space missions ISRO gonna launch in next 10 years?

Next year in 2020,

ISRO is going to launch Aditya L1. It’s a satellite mission. It’ll be placed in the Halo Orbit to closely study the Sun’s corona.

In year 2021,

ISRO is going to launch Gaganyaan. It’ll be India’s first manned mission. It’s going to carry 2-3 astronauts and reach a height of about 400 kms. It’ll orbit Earth for up to 7 days. In that time period they’ll carry out some experiments in space and then return back to Earth.

In year 2023,

ISRO will launch Shukrayaan-1. It’ll travel for millions of kms and reach planet Venus. It’ll orbit close to the planet and study its surface and atmosphere.

In year 2024,

ISRO will launch a similar mission like Chandrayaan 2 with partnership with JAXA ( Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). Which will be named as Chandrayaan 3. It’ll land on the south pole of the Moon and collect information about the surface compositions.

Probably in 2030,

ISRO is planning to launch its own space station. It’ll revolve around Earth’s orbit similar to ISS and help conducting space research.

So these are some currently known space missions ISRO is planning to launch in the next 10 years.



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